Compost Crock - Store Kitchen Waste En-Route to the Compost Heap

A compost crock is a container used to hold kitchen waste while you wait to put it on your compost heap and is one of the most useful compost accessories. There are hundreds of attractive crock designs on the market.

An old ice cream container will suffice, but today we are spoilt for choice. Crocks are available in materials such as bamboo (from RSVP), ceramic, stainless steel and plastic with designs to suite every taste.

Compost Crock - Bamboo (RSVP)

Having a container for compost in the kitchen increases the likelihood that you will use your kitchen waste for compost. It's far easier than walking outside to a compost pile!

Factors to consider

When you're looking to get a compost container for your kitchen, you should consider the following:

Compost Crock, Ceramic

What Can I Put in the Crock for Composting?

The table below shows what you can and can't put in your compost container.

Can Compost Can't Compost
Vegetable and fruit waste
Ground coffee leftovers
Tea bags
Stale bread
Pizza crust
Coffee filters
Egg shells
Corn cobs and husks
Dairy products
Grease and oils

Interesting fact

If all discarded food in the United States each year were piled on a football field, it would be around five miles high!!

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